Registration for the 2019 Mix Em Up is now open. Please register HERE

The Coffs Mix Em Up 3×3 is the tournament for players of all skill levels who want to meet new people and play some fun, social, tournament hockey.

The concept is simple:
Players nominate their level of skill and are placed on balanced teams of 6 players. Teams are then entered into a round robin tournament consisting of 13 minute games.

There is no offside, no icing, and any penalties award a penalty shot to the other team.

It is held over 2 days at the Big Banana Ice Rink in Coffs Harbour, Nsw, from 30/11/19 to 1/12/19.

Cost is $50 per player – payment must be cleared before first game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Message us through the Coffs Coast Ice Hockey Club Facebook page or email us at

Full Rules and Regulations below

Full Rules and Regulations

Game format

1.       3 on 3 – Four players on the ice for each team. 1 Goalie and 3 players

2.       Must have 4 players turn up for a game or game is forfeited

3. Goalies are rotated at half time

4.     Round robin playing each team in your division once. 15 minute time slot for games. 2 x 6 minute periods. 1 min warm up, 1 Minute goalie change at half time, and 1 min change over at the end. No handshakes

5.       All Sunday games are 30 minutes time slots – 13 mins each way with 1 minute warm up and 2 minute break. Goalies are to switch at half time.

6. Points are allocated as follows:
Win: 2 points, Tie: 1 Point, Loss: 0 points
Ties during finals day will be decided by shoot out.


Rules of play

1.       No body checking      

2.       No offside

3.       No icing

4.       One face-off at the start of the game

5.       When play is stopped due to the goalie freezing the puck or a goal was scored, the referee will yell clear, (no whistle) and will signal the attacking players to cross back over the red line (half way). Once all the attackers have crossed the red line, the players may re-enter to resume play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all crossed the red line. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.

6. A dead puck (over the boards, on top of net, etc) will result in a puck drop at the end nearest to where the puck died.



1.        2 minutes penalties are an instant penalty shot.  

2.       5 minute penalties results in an instant penalty shot, ejection from the game and receive a one game suspension

3.       For a penalty shot, everyone is behind the far blue line. Shooter gets a head start. Ref blows whistle as shooter crosses the blue line and everyone else can join the rush.

4.       Excessive penalties – We want to keep play clean
a.       If you receive 3 minor penalties in single game you will be ejected from the game and receive a one games suspension .
b.       If you are suspended for 2 games you are ejected from the tournament .
c.       If you receive the equivalent of 15 minutes of penalties you are ejected from the tournament.
d.       Fighting will result in immediate ejection from the tournament


1.       Jerseys or Bibs will be provided by Tournament Organisers

2. Payment must be made in full prior to beginning of Tournament

3. Tournament Organisers have final say in all matters.

4. Minimum age of players is 13 years old

5. All players must sign the Player Waiver before they can play.